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From the Universal Sky we receive our information to bring it down to this Planetary Earth.

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Site  & Spiritual Mission

About the Creator of

Nancy Arruda is The Universal Sky…A Highly Gifted Spiritual Astrologer who loves to share her knowledge of the Universe & Beyond, while motivating  people on their path of  illumination and enlightenment! 

As a Psychic-Intuitive, Nancy has the ability to communicate with the Angelic Forces and Divinely Aligned Guides and Guardians that we each have assisting us in this journey we call Life.  As a reader of energy, she sees the ‘path of least resistance’ that allows you to create and attune to the life that you desire within your mind, heart and soul.

As one understands the journey of their Soul and the purpose to their own creation, one becomes enlightened and inspired to live life with an open heart experiencing only Love and Joy in their reality.  Her love of knowledge has given her the ability to share and apply Universal Teachings with others in  a one-on-one format or within a group. 

Nancy has been executing readings and spiritual counseling for others who are on a search of enlightenment.  She has developed several successful workshops that are designed to give participants the knowledge, understanding and practical application to guide their own searches.  She strongly advises everyone who interacts with her on these levels to take with them the information that resonates with them and to leave behind what does not.  For each individual has their own purpose, path and truth, and there are truths you may find along the way that serve your path.  She believes that when you tap into a Truth that resonates with you, that you should hold on to it, and along the way if you find information that does not resonate with you, then you should let it go.

Nancy strongly believes in the power of Free Will & Choice and the ability to Create your own reality.

Nancy lives her passion and her Truth; when you are of service to humanity your Soul has the ability to shine brightly and connect to the Source of ‘I AM’.  It is the ‘I AM, THAT, I AM’ that is the source of ‘ALL THAT IS’. 

Join Nancy on a Journey into the Universal Sky as you shift our consciousness to understanding the Power of Creation!

The Purpose of this Site.

From the Universal Sky we receive our information, to bring it down into this Planetary Earth.

The mission of this site is to help you to integrate Spirituality and this Earth Based reality.  To tap into your spiritual being and be human.

As once told to me, “We are not human beings being spiritual. We are spiritual beings trying to be human”.  This phrase means a lot to me within my own path.  For it is easy to get trapped in the illusion of being a spiritual being.  With our studies taking us into many dimensions we forget about why our spiritual body has come to this reality, and that is to practice the art of being human.

When we leave the other side to come to this one, there are lesson within living in human form that we come to live and achieve.  I agree that our path of evolution is to evolve, to vibrate at a higher level so that we can be one again with the divine in its totality.  But the simple matter of the truth is that we are human.  When we dive fully into our spiritual states of consciousness, we disconnect from the material plane.  If we walk this earth we are human.  There are a few out there who may not be in a full human state and that is wonderful, but most of us, spiritual or not must live life each day in the body’s that we choose to have at this point in time.

Throughout my years of studying spirituality I have realized that within my own world there was no balance.  The studying and the emotional feelings of love and joy were so overpowering that I came to a place where nothing else matters.  We are here on this earth to balance out everything that has once been before and that will come in time.  I would love to live in that ultimate state of bliss and love forever and I am sure that one day that will come.  But until that time there is now.  And as long as there is now, then that is where I will focus my energies.  Now is the time to be all that you can be.  To express everything that you feel should be expressed.  To access that love and joy that you can achieve in a meditative state now and forever.  But don’t worry about forever,  be in the now. 

People often get stuck when they are trying to integrate their spiritual self and the main reason for that is because they forget that they are human.  They are so wrapped up in the spiritual that the teeter-totter is up in the air on one side.  And that is the side that should be here, on this reality.

Being a spiritual person does not mean forgetting to be human.  It means to be true to who you are and where you are.  Ascension will come when the time is right or should I say when the vibration is a match.  So one day at a time.  I will pull my weight and with that come the pulling of the weight for those that I am connected to, whether it be family, friends, neighbors or cultural groups.  It will be what it will be all I can do is do my best that I can do. 

So learn first to integrate you spiritual self and human self, find the balance between the two beings.  Live life to the fullest of each moment, be safe, and let your intentions behind what you do be for the benefit of all around you.  Learn to remove the Judgment, and open your heart.  The rest will follow as you do the work.

Join me on this journey through cyber space to learn the integration process of spiritual being to human being.  Welcome to a new way of learning how to be spiritual and human all at the same time, in balance, of balance, for NOW...Not for tomorrow.


Nancy Arruda

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