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From the Universal Sky we receive our information to bring it down to this Planetary Earth.

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Contact Information

Do you have any questions for Nancy?  Would you like to comment on this site?  Please contact Nancy by phone or email and she will gladly assist you to the best of her ability.  If you are interested in 'snail mail' then please email your request  for her postal address.  (The mailing address is not listed as it will eliminate paper junk mail - which is our little part of saving the environment).

Leaving a message by phone?  If you would like to speak with Nancy directly call her at one of her available phone numbers listed below.  If you are local to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)  try calling locally on her mobile.  Otherwise if you live outside the GTA then please call on her land line. 

Also note Universal Sky's office line does NOT subscribe to call waiting as many times the line is busy with phone readings or consultations.  If you get a busy signal, please try again.

When leaving a message, please state you Name, phone number, and best time of day to reach you.  Also please inform Nancy, if you do not  want her to leave you a personal message on your voice mail or answering machine or if someone else answers the phone.  Nancy WILL leave a message unless she has been told otherwise.

If calling from overseas, please state the FULL Number to contact you at  including the long distance procedures for overseas as well as your time zone.  (So that I don't return your call at 4 in the morning your time).

Most messages/emails  are returned within 24-48  hours (Monday to Friday).

Keswick Location in office hours.

905-989-2979 Office
Postal address
Keswick, ON (if you would like to send me something via snail mail, please contact me personally  for the mailing address)
Electronic mail



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