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Any links shown on this page are also connected to the  directory as well as personal recommendations by Nancy Arruda.

Nancy Arruda - Owner operator of Universal Sky!!!

Jamie MacNaughton - Intuitive Tarot Consultant and Reiki Master.

Jennifer Longmore, Soul Journeys®Empowerment and Enlightenment Coach, is a leading expert in Akashic Records, Ascension and Multi-dimensional Healing and founder of the Soul Journeys® School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul Journeys® Method.  Visit

Roger White Academy, a private educational organization located in Newmarket, Ontario, was founded to empower children to develop a love for learning and to enable them to develop their full potential as noble human beings. Teaching methods focus on promoting the child's sense of dignity encouraging them to internalize and radiate the attributes of a fundamentally spiritual core throughout all aspects of their growth and daily life.   Roger White Academy upholds and promotes a non-denominational outlook, celebrating the diversity of religion, race and culture as an active contribution to the healing of the world that our children live in.

The Angel Ladies mission is to help people rediscover their joy and satisfaction in life.


Visit The Hedge Witch for all your Herbal Supplies.

The Psychic Society of Toronto (Canada) is a non-profit organization, providing a series of free lectures on paranormal, spiritual, metaphysical topics. Meetings are held Mondays at 8:00 p.m., holidays excepted.

Yoga by Noelle Cormier                                          
Intuitive Soul Radio with Host Laurie Huston

At Breakthrough Center Our focus is books, tapes, products and gifts related to health, healing, metaphysical and personal development including Edgar Cayce products  crystals and incense. We offer a variety of workshops on subjects ranging from Tarot and Crystals to Magnified Healing. We have ongoing classes for Hatha and Mukti Yoga. You may also make an appointment for a treatment such as  Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage or Therapeutic Touch. If you're looking for a book that you can't find, we'll special order it for you.

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Links Information

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We have re-designed our links page(s) as we would like to extend this to additional sites.  These sites are in our link exchange, in which we believe they have valuable information or products for you to use within your journey.  Links are for information purposes only, and Nancy is not aware of the service standards of their business. 

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