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Welcome... my little home on the Web


Scheduled Current Events


Self-development starts with YOU!


I believe that everyone has the potential to BE all that they can BE! When we look to someone who inspires us, we look for things within ourselves that we believe we lack.


The conscious awakening of individuals within society has started, and I believe that everyone can tap into their truest potential.  All you need to do is Understand who you are, and incorporate who you desire to be, follow your dreams without the limitations that you have accepted.


Follow me thought a journey of awakening to your truest potential and BE the best that you can BE!


From time to time we need a Guide, but it is best for each individual to find the teacher within themselves. When you require a guide, I can support your journey through initiatives that encourage your path, your purpose and your Soul through one on one consultations or courses of understanding the dynamics of universal energy and how it applies to YOU within your own personal, unique, energetic frequencies.


This site is filled with information articles that assist your journey to understanding and provides an online platform of service offerings that are available to anyone who chooses to invest in themselves!


Visit the site regularly for updates!


Enjoy your journey to higher awareness and embracing your truest potential, while discovering your WHOLEness and attain INNER FREEDOM!


Nancy Arruda


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Nancy Arruda - Universal Sky - Esoteric & Spiritual Astrology

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Consultations & Readings!


Consultations in person or by phone

Our office is located in Jacksons Point, ON


Readings and Consultations are also offered at  Ananda Hot Yoga Georgina, 155 Riverglen Drive, Unit 13, Keswick, ON L4P 3M3, by appointment.


Also available for readings at The Corner Stone Wellness Center Located at 2 Cameron Street E, Cannington, ON


Also available for readings at  Moonflowers Magical Touch, 6248 Main Street, Stouffville, ON


Ongoing Consultations and Special events  hours Including Saturday


Call  905-989-2979 or email Nancy for you appointment.

Go to the Current Events Section of this website, or see below!

In office Hours for the Spring 2015

Workshops & Seminars



Ignite Your Intuition!  A Workshop!!

Saturday June 13th, 2015


9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


MoonFlowers Magical Touch & Healing Center, Stouffville, ON


$75.00 - Light lunch included


New Moon Meditations for Manifestation

Posting Soon


Spiritual Circle Meditation Journeys

 The Corner Stone Wellness Center, 2 Cameron St. E, Cannington, ON


7:00 PM


Thursday's March - June 2015 Dates Posted! Check out more dates!


Investment: $15.00 plus HST Cash only.



Advanced Meditation Journeys - Mid-Day & Evenings Meditation Journeys

Thursday Afternoons at 1:00 pm


 Check Dates (listed to end of June 2015)


Also offered Some Sunday Evenings at 7:00 PM


Location; Ananda Hot Yoga Georgina, 155 Riverglen Drive, Keswick, ON



 The Four Levels of BEing - Journey Into Wholeness!

A series of Four Meditation Journeys. These are personal-awareness-experiential-learning for those who are on a path to self-development, self-discovery, and expanding your consciousness.


Next Session in Stouffville at Moonflowers Magical Touch! 


Tuesdays from 7-9 PM


Starting April 7, 2015



The Seven Gateways of Life

A series of Eight Meditation Journeys that take you through your chakra systemThese are personal-awareness-experiential-learning for those who are on a path to self-development, self-discovery, and expanding your consciousness.


Next session to start as soon as there is three people interested.  if you are interested in this class and have taken the The Four Levels of BEing, then contact me today for more information. 




Go to the Current Events Section of this website.


Site Mission

About the Creator of - Nancy Arruda

Nancy Arruda is The Universal Sky…A Highly Gifted Spiritual Astrologer who loves to share her knowledge of the Universe & Beyond, while motivating  people on their path of  illumination and enlightenment!  More...

The Purpose of this Site

The mission of this site is to help you to integrate spirituality and this earth based reality.  To tap into your spiritual BEing and BE human. More...


Visit our Articles-Table of Contents for a large variety of articles on Angels, Animal Symbolism, Astrology, Aura, Chakra's, energy, tarot, numerology, gemstones, spiritual integration and personal experiences


The purpose of this newsletter is to share information with those who choose to be conscious.  When we are consciously aware of the energetic vibrations that surrounds us on a day-to-day basis, it makes life that much easier when co-creating with the Divine.  More...


A listing of all of the services offered on this site.   Service offerings include; Directory Listing, Readings, Spiritual counseling, lectures, classes and/or workshops.   We will be adding products that aid in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in the future.   For dates of upcoming service offerings see above or the current events page.


We have created a database of people, places and products that may be of interest to those of you seeking self-understanding, spiritual growth or spiritual products.  More...

Current Event

Want to know what's going on at Universal Sky?  Check out the Current Events for the current astrological transit weather as well as dates times and locations for our special events or in office events.

Do you have a fundraising event taking place within the Town of Georgian?  Contact Nancy to see how to get your event listed for free on the Special Events page

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Do you have any questions for Nancy?  Would you like to comment on this site?  Please contact Nancy by phone or email and she will gladly assist you to the best of her ability.  If you are interested in 'snail mail' then please email your request  for her postal address.  (The mailing address is not listed as it will eliminate paper junk mail - which is our little part of saving the environment).

Leaving a message by phone?  If you would like to speak with Nancy directly call her at one of her available phone number listed below.

Also note Universal Sky's office line does NOT subscribe to call waiting as many times the line is busy with phone readings or consultations.  If you get a busy signal, please try again or call the mobile number to leave a message immediately. 

Most messages/emails  are returned within 24-36  hours (Monday to Friday). More...

905-989-2979 Office
Location address
Jacksons Poin in the Town of Georgina, Ontario
(The Town of Georgina, located 15 minutes north of Newmarket, 20 minutes north of Aurora and about an hour and 15 minutes north of Downtown Toronto)
          Please email me for the mailing address.
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