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From the Universal Sky we receive our information to bring it down to this Planetary Earth.

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Connect with your Higher Self, Inner BEing, Unconscious Mind, Spirit Guides, Angels and the Divine.


The evening starts with a discussion on the energy that is currently taking place and that is effecting everyone. Quite often there are many spiritual topics that are infused into the conversation. Examples of topics  are; astrology, chakras, auras, energetic concepts, spiritual beliefs from a multitude of traditions and cultures, universal laws, Angels, spirit guides, passed loved ones, animal totems, psychic development, intuitive awareness,  and other metaphysical topics.  After the initial discussion, Nancy then guides participants on a channelled meditation journey that is in alignment with the energy that is taking place.  Everyone hears the same guided journey, but each person will experience something different.   After the meditation Nancy explains the purpose to different aspects of the meditation journey that everyone just participated in.  She then allows individuals within the circle to share their symbolism, should they choose to.  Nancy may offer psychic-intuitive insight into what your symbolism or experience may mean to you.

Join me weekly into gaining insight, clarity, peace and the tools to BEing Whole and Free within the Self through the Guided Mediation Journeys.

Investment is $15.00 Plus HST Per person per class (Cash or Credit Cards ONLY --- NO Debit)

Upcoming Dates & Locations.

Thursday Evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at

The Corner Stone Wellness Center, 2 Cameron St E, Cannington, ON

March 5 & 26

April 9, 16, 23 & 30

Please contact Nancy to Register.

text or call 905-717-1452















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