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The Four Levels of BEing!  (Stouffville Location)

Journey into Wholeness through Meditation Journeys!



An Introductory Course on Understanding YOUR Four Levels of BEing; Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.

Is there a desire within you to attain a sense of inner wholeness and oneness?  Are you searching for peace? 

Do you aspire to feel connected on all Four Levels of BEing; Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual?

In this foundational course, the focus is on personal awareness through experiential learning.  Many people are on a path to self-development and personal healing which encompasses   expanding your consciousness to all areas of life.

This course allows each participant to gain understating into their own unique, energetic blueprints on their Four Levels of BEing, through uniquely guided Meditation Journeys.  Each journey is specifically designed so that each participant travels into a part of their unconscious mind and discovers their own personal inner truths about themselves.  Along the path to finding the truth, they may also discover     unconscious limiting beliefs within their life that stop them from fully living from a place of heart centered authenticity.

Using the technique of Meditations to discover ones inner truth allows each individual the ability to discover for themselves, their own unique frequencies and perspectives upon life, awakening them to a more authentic way of BEing, into a way of ONEness!

Connect with your Inner Self; your mind and your subconscious, through Meditation Journeys and tap into understanding your Body, Mind & Soul.

This course is held over a series of four consecutive weeks.  Each class, Nancy Arruda will start with an introduction to the objective of the day.  While energetically holding a safe and compassionate environment, she then gently guides you through a meditation that allows you to tap into your unconscious mind and identify with your projected energy into a level of BEing.  Everyone will hear the same guided meditation, however, due to individual uniqueness; everyone will experience something different within themselves and their journey.  This is not a meditation of just feeling your body or     clearing your mind.  These meditations ask you to open your mind and go on an inward journey into understanding the different aspects of the self.

Afterwards there is a discussion on the symbolism that you specifically received and what it may mean for each individual.  Nancy will explain the general purpose and intention to the symbolism received within the meditation.  Then if participants are willing to share what they specifically received, Nancy will offer personal intuitive insight into the potential meanings behind their unique symbolism and personal experiences.  This is like having a mini session with Nancy Arruda.  

At the end of each session, Nancy shares a piece of apple with everyone which assists them with re-grounding their energies and opens the floor to general conversation.  (If you are allergic to Apple, please bring a piece of fruit/sugar that you can eat.)  This is an important step in re-anchoring your energy and sugar is a quick fix to grounding before driving.

Take time out of your busy schedule and experience a series of Meditation Journeys.  Within these Meditation Journeys, you will experience more than just your mind, more than just your body and more than just your spirit, you will experience an alignment of all three merging together into ONENESS.

Each Class runs two hours in length.  Invest in your total Mind, Body, and Soul Connection for $125.00 (plus HST) by registering today.                           

Upcoming Dates!

Tuesday  evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Class 1 - April 7, 2015

Class 2 - April 14, 2015

Class 3 - April 21, 2015

Class 4 - April 28, 2015

Location :


This Course is the prerequisite to the "Seven Gateways of Life" Course.



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