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Service Index

Below is a list of services offered by Nancy Arruda of Universal Sky.  Divided into two categories of Learning!  The workshops, classes and lectures are designed for an interactive and integrative approach to understanding how the metaphysical universe works.  Useful, valuable  information and experiences occur within these settings.  The metaphysical consultation and and clearing are personalized and happen in a one to one format with Nancy and they are geared to giving the individual insight into life situations.  Scroll down and click on the hyperlinks below for further detailed information into each individual service.

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Introduction to Consultations

Start your Journey into discovery through understanding my service offerings... (links to individual / group services )

What do I offer?

I offer consultations!  In the past I would call them readings, but in fact, I offer much more then just reading your energy.  I consult with you, diving to the matter at hand, into discovering who you are at an authentic level and into understanding, how to gain the most out of & positively use the vibrations that you are working with consciously and unconsciously. 


The Consultations that I offer differ from person to person, as each individual is unique.  However, within every consultation there is a highly comprehensive and contextual content filled.  Each discussion starts with what brought you to me.  The current dynamic that you may be experiencing within the self, your environment, home, career, family, relationships, etc.  The exploration continues as we look for the interconnectivity between your current situation and how it is connected to the evolution of your Higher Self and Soul Self.  Through the process of discussing the possible impacts of your current situation along with its interconnectedness to your Soul lessons and gifts.  The consultation continues to discuss the potential possibilities and courses of action  through non invasive, enabling and added value format.


I provide a platform that helps you find your own answers, looking specifically at where you are now and where you desire to be. Offering you the possibilities and potentials of the situation, event or goal, as well as the defined plan of action. We gently move through any blocks, conscious or unconscious, that limit your ability to move forward with your goals, while continuing to advise you to always trust your own intuitive counsel, following what feels right for you first and foremost.


The difference between a guide and a coach is; as I act as a guide, my advice and consultation are centered around me holding a sacred, compassionate, heart centered and mind altering environment for you.  When it comes to accountability, as a guide, I do not hold you accountable, as I believe the only person who can hold you accountable to action steps that take you closer to your desires dreams and goals is YOU!  Additionally, I offer transparency, the ability to see all sides of the situation, even those that are unseen while compassionately understanding your current position. Then I show you what you need to do differently to get closer to your goal.  I take you on a journey through understanding where you are now to where you want to be through inspirational modeling.  Transparency is required so that you can fully understand the process of any self-imposed unconscious limitations and restrictions the you are working through within the current situation or within life as it pertains to your soul lessons.


What makes me unique is that I will model what it looks like and in exchange you will vibrationaly  experience the value of what it looks like.  That in itself is empowerment!


Within these consultations, either one-on-one or in a group, you will experience the opportunity to establish your intent and directions to achieving your heart centered desires through this non-invasive productive, highly sensitive, and compassionate environment. It is my unique gift, views, and ability to tap into the subtle vibrations of energy as well as the subtleties of the messaging that allows you the ability to understand where you are and then share with you the ease of action ability.


Join me now, by taking the first step in contacting me today, so that you can see, the limitless potential available under the Universal Sky.

Workshops, Classes & Lectures


Personal Metaphysical Consultations & Clearings

Attend one of my workshops and Become empowered, excited and inspired as I tap into my passion for sharing information.  I truly shine through my heart-center while facilitating workshops.


I have developed several successful workshops that are designed to give YOU the knowledge, understanding and practical application within your own personal search.  Below is a list of the workshops offered by ME through the Universal Sky!

Registration is required to guarantee your seat and receive handouts.


All of my personal metaphysical consultations and clearing are done by accessing guided knowledge from  YOUR Higher-Self  to mine through the use of Intuitive and Psychic Abilities.


I offer Consultations by appointment only, through partner locations, in office and over the telephone.  They are offered individually or in a group.

Scheduling your appointment required for individual or group services!  Payment Options.



The Soul Activation Session

Equinox & Solstice Meditation Journeys

Meditation Journeys (Guided Advanced Class)

Meditation Nights with Nancy

Spiritual Circle Meditation Journeys in Cannington, ON!

Beginner Level Meditation Journeys  - Level 1 - The Four Levels of BEing.

Intermediate Level Meditation Journeys - Level 2 - The Seven Gateways of Life

Children's Meditation Journeys

New Moon Creation Meditation Journey




Astrology Workshop (in person Format)

Introduction to Astrology Workshop

Astrology Transit Workshop

Awakening Intuition - A workshop Series

Awakening Intuition - One Day Intensive

Chakra Awareness - Open up to Breathing in the Colors of the Rainbow!

Energy, Aura's & Chakra's Workshop

Healing Journey - Meditation Series For Beginner Metaphysical Students. No longer available at this time--- please see Meditation Journeys!

Intuitive Tarot Workshop - A fun interactive afternoon of Tarot Awareness!!!

New Moon Wishing - Harness the Power of the New Moon to Manifest Your Dreams!!!

New Moon Meditation Series  - For 2010

Psychic & Personal Development - The Spirit within the Circle - Level One.

Self-Healing With Colour  - Understand your personal power colour and how to use colour to enhance your life!!!

Spirit Art Interactive Workshop

Tarot Awareness Workshop - An in-depth look into the Tarot!!! (Keswick Location ONLY)

Understanding the Aura & its Interconnectedness to Consciousness, Beginner to Advanced

Universal Laws

  Contact Nancy to reserve your seat  and view our payment options.


Individual Services

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Tarot Consultation / Reading

"Who AM I" Astrological Consultation

Spiritual & 12 Month Forecast Astrology Consultations

Secrets of Your Soul, Spiritual Astrological Consultation

One on One Spiritual Development Consultations and Esoteric / Soul Learning

Personalized Etheric Clearing - Aura Smudge

Energetic Home Clearing

Group Services

Tarot Parties in your Home or at Work - Individual readings at  social events, bridal showers, baby showers, or a girls night out! 

Entertainment Events - Corporate events, company holiday parties, grand openings, customer appreciation events.


 Contact Nancy to schedule your appointment or book your event and view our payment options.








 Contact Nancy to schedule your appointment, book your event  or to reserve your seat  and view our payment options.

Other Services:

Computerized Natal Astrology Report

Products - Coming soon



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