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Newsletter Information

About the Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to share information with those who choose to be conscious.  When we are consciously aware of the energetic vibrations that surrounds us on a day-to-day basis, it makes life that much easier when co-creating with the Divine. 

Nancy Arruda writes a  newsletter on the astrological transits that are happening in the sky.  Understand the energy of the Universe!  In the past the Newsletter was written and distrusted on a monthly basis, however due to utilizing my creative energies in a different manner, the newsletter has taken on a different format. 

From time to time those of you who are on the mailing list will receive a special newsletter in your inbox.  For everyone who chooses to visit Universal Sky online, you can view the daily Universal Sky transit Tidbit.  If you missed a day and are wondering about the vibrations of yesterday, then take a look at the monthly archives.

So check out all newsletter archives and past transit tidbits listed below  the Subscribe and Unsubscribe Information.

Subscribe & Unsubscribe Information

We love to have New Subscribers share in the knowledge & understanding of the energies throughout the Universe.

From time to time you will receive the free Newsletter in your Mailbox.

Send a blank email with "Subscribe" in the Subject line to Nancy at and we will add you to our Newsletter List. 


Sorry to see you leave...      Simply send a blank email to Nancy with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line and you will be removed from our list.

Also be advised... I dislike Spam as much as you do.  I do not enjoy dumping out my inbox of 100 + Spam messages per day.  I do NOT sell or share anyone's personal contact information, with anyone other site or person.  If you are receiving my newsletters, somewhere along the line you either subscribed or gave me your email address with permission to receive my newsletter. - Nancy

Newsletter Contents

Here is a list of the all the newsletters by Nancy of Universal Sky.  If you would like to receive this newsletter  in your inbox, simply follow the Subscription Information below.


What's Up Universe? The Grand Water Trine - July 2013!

What's Up Universe? Happy New Year January 2013!


What's Up Universe? Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Nov 2012

What's Up Universe? - Mercury Retrograde Oct-Nov 2012

Sun in Scorpio Newsletter - October 2012

Sun in Libra Newsletter - September 2012

Sun in Virgo Newsletter - August 2012

Sun in Leo Newsletter - July 2012

What's Up Universe? Mercury Retrograde March 2012

What's Up Universe? New Moon February - Full Moon March

Sun In Pisces Newsletter - Feb/Mar         

 What's Up Universe? January 2012 - Happy New Year!


Sun in Cancer 2011 - Jun/Jul

Sun In Gemini 2011 - May/Jun

Sun In Taurus 2011- Apr/May

Sun In Aries 2011 - Mar/Apr

Sun in Pisces 2011 - Feb/Mar

Sun in Aquarius 2011 - Jan/Feb

Sun in Capricorn 2010-2011 - Dec/Jan


April 2010 Universal Tidbit Archive (planetary placement and aspect listed daily for the month)

What's Up Universe?  March 2010

March 2010 Universal Tidbit Archive (planetary placement and aspects  for the month)

What's Up Universe? February 2010

February 2010 Universal Tidbit Archive  (planetary placement and aspects  for the month)

What's Up Universe? January 2010 & the  Numerology of 2010

January 2010 Universal Tidbit Archive  (planetary placement and aspects  for the month)


December 2009 Universal Sky Newsletter - What's Up Universe?

December  2009 Universal Tidbit Archive

November 2009 Universal Tidbit Archive

May 2009 Universal Tidbit Archive

April 2009 Universal Tidbit Archive

March 2009 Universal Tidbit Archive

February 2009 Universal Tidbit Archive

Intuitive Soul Radio Interview - Astrology of 2009 -

January 2009 Newsletter - Numerology & Astrology of 2009!

January 2009 Universal Tidbit Archive


December 2008 Universal Tidbit Archive

November 2008 Universal Tidbit Archive

October 2008 Universal Tidbit Archive

September 2008 Universal Tidbit Archive

August 2008 Universal Tidbit Archive

July 2008 Universal Tidbit Archive

June 2008 Universal Transit Tidbit Archive

May 2008 Universal Transit Tidbit Archive

April 2008 Universal Transit Tidbit Archive

March 2008 Universal Transit Tidbit Archive

February 2008 Universal Transit Tidbit Archive

January 2008  - Numerology-Tarot-Astrology of 2008!

January 2008 Universal Tidbit Archive


December 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

November 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

October 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

September 2007 - Transiting Saturn Moves into Virgo

September 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

August 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

July 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

June 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

May 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

April 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

March 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

March 2007 - Solar and Lunar Eclipse

February 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive

January 2007 Universal Tidbit Archive


December 2006 Universal Tidbit Archive

November 2006 Universal Tidbit Archive

September 2006 - Eclipse and Events

February / March 2006 - Sun In Pisces


November / December 2005 - Sun In Sagittarius

October 2005 - Solar and Lunar Eclipse

July 2005 - Saturn Enters Leo

April / May 2005 - Sun in Taurus

March / April 2005 - Sun in Aries

February / March 2005 - Sun In Pisces

January / February 2005 - Sun in Aquarius

December 2004 / January 2005 - Sun In Capricorn


November/December 2004 - Sun In Sagittarius

October/November 2004 -  Sun In Scorpio

October 13th 2004- Solar Eclipse in Libra

June/July 2004 -  Sun in Cancer

May/June 2004 -  Sun in Gemini

April/May 2004 - Sun In Taurus

March/April 2004 - Sun in Aries

February/March 2004 - Sun in Pisces


November/December 2003 - Sun in Sagittarius

October/November 2003 - Sun In Scorpio


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