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Nancy Arruda 

A Guide to Inner Freedom & Wholeness

(Main / Short Spiritual Bio)

Nancy Arruda is The Universal Sky… A highly gifted Intuitive and an astrologer who has the ability to understand the 'big picture' of the Soul as well as the ‘details’ of day to day life.

Nancy has the ability to tap into the understanding and flow of energy, allowing her to discover the 'path of least resistance'. As she shares these concepts with others on a personal level, she inspires and guides them to align with their own individual energetic current to find their own path of least resistance within their lives.

As one understands the journey of their Soul, they have the power to tap into their life force energy of creation and attune to the life that they desire to live within their body, mind and heart; encompassing their total being.

Nancy's love of knowledge has given her the ability to share and apply Universal Laws with others in a one-on-one format or within a group. She strongly believes in the power of free will and choice, which aligns with the concept of ‘creating your own reality’.

Nancy lives her passion and her truth, and is constantly inspired by the dynamics of the Universe and it's interaction with the inhabitants on Earth!


Nancy believes that we are spiritual beings evolving through a journey we call life in the physical body. Our mind and our feelings are tools that are given to us. When we use those tools appropriately we can create and live the life we desire within our mind and heart. This then creates the power of Oneness and wholeness within each individual.




Nancy’s statement of truth…

"We are not just physical, but as humans we tend to focus on the physical.

We are not our mind, but our mind is a tool that inspires us to create.

We are not our feelings, but our feelings will fuel our thoughts into creation.

We are not just spiritual; we live upon the earth plane as solid and fluid matter.

We are a totality of all aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, yet the majority of us do not live as ONE.

Our inner desires speak to us as if we were ONE; from the perspective of the Soul there is no separation. It is only through the perspective of being human that we can dissect our existence into believing that we are all of those separate things. It is important to remember that we have this unique ability as humans to see life in separation. However; our mind then confuses the separation into believing in all the different parts as a truthful existence, placing emphasis on one area and neglecting another. As humans we seek to find the balance, we seek to merge back into our creative forces of oneness. As humans we seek to fulfill our desires, desires that we believe we do not own, but when one taps into the wholeness and oneness of the universe, one can see all the separated parts, and through this have the potential to put it back together again holistically. If one can understand their path and purpose and align with it, then one has before them all the desires of not only their human aspirations but also the aspirations of their Soul."


Take the time now to invest in discovering who you are on ALL levels of BEing; Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual as you discover your own path of least resistance to living the life you desire at a heart level, underneath the Universal Sky!

Interested in learning more about Nancy?   Then view her Extended Bio or view Nancy's Natal Chart.

Do you have a New Age, Spiritual or Holistic business and would like Nancy to perform readings, workshops or lectures at your location?  If so, please contact Nancy to receive her professional portfolio by email or snail mail.

Nancy writes a column for Open Magazine, Canada's only colour themed alternative health and living publication.  She writes the column "Open Heart", where it blends the current color theme in the publication with the 12 astrological zodiac signs. View the past columns  in the Table of contents.

NEW!  Nancy Arruda's Thoughts on the Energy of NOW- Blog!

Listen to Nancy's archived interviews on Intuitive Soul Radio. 

Nancy has been interviewed and profiled in the book 'Psychics and Mediums in Canada'.  Written by The Angel Ladies, Jean Porche & Deborah Vaughan. Printed by The Dundurn Group. 

"My personal thanks and gratitude are extended to two beautiful and lovely ladies (and Dundurn Group) for including me in their Divinely inspired book, Psychics & Mediums in Canada."  - Nancy Arruda

Wondering where you may have met Nancy Arruda in the Past?  Nancy has performed readings and workshops in several locations.  View a list of past events or locations that Nancy has attended.

Contact Nancy at the following...

905-989-2979 Office
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Keswick, ON
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